It is a very competitive world; everybody expects the youths to be naïve and the adults to be responsible. It is so funny that this ground holds irrespective of what you think it according to people. A friend says adults are just older kids because they tend to do the foolish things that youths do. It is only accepted because they are old. I can now understand why most people that made exploits in their generation started reasonable achievements as lads, this is because they started out as Men since when they were young; this phenomena a man I respect so much called “Man-child”. What makes an adult then; the grey hair or the perfection in behavior and decision making, his ability to do a business or just his right to vote, the walking stick or a working wisdom?

Being old unfortunately does not make one wise after all, just makes one experienced and this doesn’t determine the level of wisdom. Going through school doesn’t make you wise either, it makes you knowledgeable. We learn wisdom each day from discerning to do good or evil; we teach it by living it.

I realize that it is not in our place to question the place of wisdom; it is infinite and unquantifiable. We have seen in various dimensions the wisdom of few men that has blessed our existence. You are comfortable today because someone felt you should be. It is not in the age, it is in wisdom.

Determine the good things you want to see in your environment each day by creating its realities. I am tired of seeing the old processes. Wisdom is finding a common sense in doing reasonable and good things (Obviously a relative pattern in different occurrences). I submit sir that in the school of wisdom, experience is irrelevant. Only by searching and constant mining can you find the gold of life, so without ceaseless opportunities, you cannot become the real MAN that you have always wished to be. You cannot control the things happening around you if you have no influence on them. Influence is a factor created by interest. You must be different in your approach to solving problems to strike a connection with your clients (or consumers), you should stop waiting the economy to charge the ideas in your head.

The first thought of wisdom is to seek to learn; I personally believe that there is a positive lesson in every story, seek out then to learn from everything around you. Common sense is the big wisdom in shatters, you must gather the small pieces and weave it into a masterpiece of wisdom; I realize the truth in every wisdom lies in our potential being, the reason you agree with wisdom when you hear it. It means that you must always seek out materials to liberate you to your exploit.

Let us leave todays wisdom in it common state, so that a wise man will pick it up and weave it to that which I hope to see. We will meet again next Sunday.