I am a writer, as people walk about each day thinking of what to eat, so I think on what to write. I am actually not different from a painter; I create outwardly my inner expression, only this time through writing. Today I have decided to write about you.

Yes you, you could not figure any particular pattern towards living because you live through each day waiting for surprises. Well, I live not tired of getting surprised. So let us talk about the reason why you are here, I know you are waiting to express yourself also; waiting to be part of a very glorious future that will soon be the history spoken about.

I have seen many gallant in my life, sometimes in my head I wish I could answer the question of “where?” to their existence because I only saw them pass by but never heard them getting to their destination. I still wait to hear because they were so brilliant with knowledge and the light of ingenuity beaming out of their eyes. They always look phenomenal then but at the end is the sad existence of a man that never lived.

So it brings me back to some folks like you I wanted to talk about, Richard and Samson, together they worked under Uncle Sam. Every day Richard managed to get through at work; he is a very brilliant mind and extremely powerful on his job, he hates Uncle Sam’s philosophy on life but will rather remain under paid employment than to risk his job by setting out to explore his talents. Uncle Sam likes putting up impression; puffed up in vain deceit and pride, he would most times boast of his “smartness” and they just laughed at his ignorance, he always believes that there is always a shortcut to success and this appears with every statement he makes. Samson always believed there was something better than this so he left to follow his passion.

He suffered a lot from the harsh storm of the economy but it was worth every struggle he thought, he was finally doing what he believed in. He has a very lasting and persistent spirit.

Samson truly rose to be one of the strongest men in the economy. He rose to the top with passion to learn and eagerness to improve every way. He became rich enough soon to buy Uncle Sam’s company and he finally put Richard in charge of some affairs. Richard was still as hardworking as ever but still without knowing who he could have become.

Richard wondered again and again what could have happened if he set out to discover himself, he called what happened to Samson “Luck” as he knew he was more brilliant and a far more polished image than Samson. He felt he deserved the “Luck” better than Samson.

I will like you to know that it is still about you, you might be Uncle Sam, Richard or Samson, anyone you are, I want you to know that there is no short-cut to success, you have to fully pay your dues. If you have ever played the game called “monopoly”, you will understand that life still gives you a choice no matter what the dice turns out to be. You decide each day to be closer to your greatness or walk away freely from it. Do not be Richard anymore, launch into the sea of impossibilities and create your surprises. I have met many “Uncle Sams” in my life, many “Richards” but few “Samsons”. Do something out of your regular beliefs today, look at the world with a different eye, express yourself and bless our world.


At the end, you choose to become Uncle Sam, realizing how wrong you have lived a life full of deceits and extortion, wishing you had done it better, wishing you did a quality work worth remembering. Or maybe Richard never rising above the status quo, working without strategy and believing the world owes you due to what you think you are. You can end up spending your old age wondering why it never worked out or if it would have worked.

You can also choose to be Samson living in the happiness  of the value you created through persistence, honest strategy , hard work, innovation, passion and humility.

Paint the picture of the success you dream of in your mind and add the color the world waits to see.  I remain your Friend and your Motivator.