Internet is evolving faster than before, we were once excited that we could even put a web construct in <HTML> tag and later we were speaking JavaScript and PHP functions in creating a thinking and interactive web. Then came along CSS and SQL, before we knew it, it was a dynamic experience. Web enthusiast will casually call PHP and MySQL the “dynamic duo” as it was a sweet experience…..maybe now, we have seen it all. Not just yet, the Big brother of web proposed by Tim Berner’s lee himself is coming sooner (or maybe later) than expected; the web of data.


It is becoming disturbing, we have started having more technologies than we could possibly comprehend, the world is moving at an impossible rate….the future thinkers are thinking of growing a car in bio-computing and mobile developers thinking making mobile devices more context aware than it has ever been….you have to start asking yourself where you stand in this discussion. Very soon, billions of devices will be connected to this big cloud and our daily choices will be controlled by sensors exchanging data.

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The more context-aware and autonomous devices we are creating, the less control we have over how our complex data will be used and shared. The advantages of the next world will be limitless and so also will be the complexity, security issues and redundancy(when you buy a product on most websites, google ads bugs you everywhere to buy the-same/similar product again!)

Some issues we might have to deal with

Some issues we might have to deal with

My only question today is are you the researcher or the product?