“It” is one of the most mysterious statements I have ever come about; it differentiates between a living and non-living thing, between a recognized being and the one that is undefined. Encarta Dictionary tagged its CORE MEANING as

“A pronoun used to refer to an object or an animal, and sometimes a baby”  Microsoft® Encarta® 2009.

To me, it therefore suggests that if you lack an identity (as in the case of a baby) you will be an “it”. Clear cut recognition of who you are makes you a “he” or a “she”, you are just existing if people do not know you with a specific skill, this is the worst existence I know of. A man says he “imports and exports” or a “businessman” with no business acumen in any business area.  You have to be a distinct member of a group to earn the respect of your sub-ordinates. This makes the transition from an “it” existence to a “defined”.

So I have met people in my life loaded with talent and can boast of a meaningful existence; they drive posh cars and spray their money on weekends living the life they only know, they take contracts, spend the money in Bahamas and live their exotic lifestyle now that is a “Defined Existence” It is a good life but not a great life.

Now let us analyze a very unusual transition, what I call the “Multiplied” existence, it is the type of personality that is engraced to impart and impact others.  In a lifetime, most people will not get to this stage; know that it is not in your duration of years or your level of expertise, it is birthed by that single story that sets the world on fire. Creating a brand out of yourself.  Greatness is an ideal to those that watch you, a way of life to you that live it. Greatness does not lie in your popularity; it lies in your story. A bestseller autobiography is not the hallmark of your existence; it is the number of lives touched by it.

To quickly correct a notion, it is not only charitable giving that defines a great existence; it is the quality in the name that the person carries. It must have the touch of excellence in every works of his hands, if you think you would not do well in a field, if you know it does not excite you, I do not see any reason for you to venture into it.

Stop creating a fad, create a lifestyle; How many people have you imparted with your existence? Have you ever received a thank you note before? Have you ever done a favor that cannot be repaid before? Have you ever done something in your company that creates a breakthrough invention? Perhaps an arrangement plan that makes the best use of resources around you and makes people happy? Is your venture a blessing or a curse to your community? How many dreams have you fulfilled with your existence?

I will end with a very interesting question for you to ponder on, till we meet next week; if you die today, how many people can sincerely weep over you for a meaningful contribution you gave in their lives?