Today is my birthday, I had to reflect on how the past has been so far, I realized life itself is becoming a serious business and I could hardly differentiate between life and business because they both have their financial implication. I had my first “Writer’s block” experience this year and basically felt life needs to be taken more critically than before.

Macsound Integrated Services landed more projects, I submitted proposals in the last one year than I submitted since the beginning of Macsound! I made more friends, I signed partnerships and agreements and I quit several jobs just in a year because if it is not the place I want to be, I am never going to be trapped by blending in.

I learnt to be patient; the ultimate goal is not money, the ultimate goal is trust.I earned more trust from my clients and got terrific recommendations. I am grateful to all those that trusted us to deliver. 

Like I said, I would have written about business alone, but my life is a business also managed by God. I had the days I had empty bank accounts but it never stopped anything. He took me on his wings and made me soar with him in glory. I landed in places I never deserved to be and earned the respect of the people I have always admired. To me, a life without God is an empty life. It will be like a car with multiple drivers, it is headed for anywhere and nowhere.

With all the submitted proposals, most jobs I ended up doing, I did not even submit anything! I finally understood that the greatest assets you will have in life and business are your associations; I am using this medium to appreciate those that have been part of the story, we are still in princes but we can see the crown on our heads. 

I would like to thank a lot of people , I would love to write names but I will end up offending some very important people I could not remember as I am writing this. So I will say, thanks to all my 1,422 believers on Facebook giving their attention to this blog post. Thanks to those that steadied the boat with me and those that made the long calls, burning airtime to ensure I am who I am today. 

If you have not at that stage where you sit down in your room and God’s love just makes you cry, your life has not even started.