The ending of the 19th century saw the beginning of what would have just been a casual event in business but ended up to become a global phenomenon.

In 1886, a formal law was passed in Atlanta and Fulton County that brought a breakthrough to John Pemberton; the dreamer in my case who has gathered ideas and drawn motivation from several channels to build his dream, this law was his awaited opportunity.

He made his product; many people started loving it as it felt good, this would be a mixture promised to cure a lot of health challenges. As great as this man was, he failed his product because he could only see his local confines and never saw its global opportunities as rightly imagined by Asa Candler that bought his right to these same business on March 24 1888 and also got to buy a right to this mixture from its owner, going ahead to buy the name after John’s death in the same year from the deceased’s wife. I will throw my first light here, “Your dream doesn’t give you the sole right to your business; your passion does. If you are not putting passion, you might as well be creating another man’s business”.

Setting out to be the entrepreneur in every right, he set out with an extreme passion to set the world at the feet of his business (he was successful at doing this); he bought others having rights to the mixture. This will be one of my most respected businessman of all times. He applied the greatest key to a customer’s emotional appeal: Community Development and philanthropic works. He made it so unique that he asked them to create a  bottle that will be unique to his product and even if broken will be recognized in the dark. This is a name you should know!!!. From him I have learnt , “An Entrepreneur is the person that takes an ordinary product and by placing much value on it, transforms it to an extra-ordinary concept.”

Even with his own enthusiasm he could not even see this product becoming a national brand until two businessmen came in to this business; transformed this “local subject” to a |national matter” by introducing bottling. Yes, I am talking about Benjamin F. Thomas and Joseph B. Whitehead; although reluctant he allowed them to but he remained relevant by being the only person to distribute its concentrate Of course, I am talking about Coca-cola. This is a good quote I know “Always realize that others can help you do a better job than you can do on your own”


You will not be surprised that today, Coca-cola is in all the countries in the world except Cuba and North Korea. At 2011 and 2012, it was the world most valuable brand based on Interbrand’s best global brand, made the list of world most admired companies from FORTUNE. Today, it is the world most recognized brand all to the marketing strategy of one man. I do not know how many people reading this specific article, but I will like you to stop thinking on local level; with the right passion and motivation, you can start creating your own unique way of reaching the world. The world is cheering you on this race and they are watching who you intend to pass this baton to, they are waiting for the success of your business race.

I have this to say “Create a personality that people will love to be with, create a business that people will be proud to work with and create a product that people cannot do but fall in love with”.

As my conclusion I will just use Coca-colas slogan of 1971, “ I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke.

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