Growing up taught me a lot of life lessons; I did not grow up in an elite setting but I had the best upbringing. I wanted a bicycle so badly then so I could complete my collection of gadgets and toys. Then my parents promised me that I would get it sooner or later. Everyday they left the house, I looked forward to seeing him comeback with it but as each tomorrow turns to today, I kept getting the disappointment of a gift that might never arrive.

It was as though I missed a vital part of a childhood experience. The major factor that kept me at my disappointment was hope. I always forget then, that greater path than hope is courage; the courage to simply move on. I really hoped, hoped that it will come home someday, hoped on my parents assurance. I hoped for so long that I eventually forgot to hope. So for me it was natural to move on, courage was not really needed.

I looked into that to say I do not place too much hope in people and events cause they are defined by circumstances, ultimately the better part of life is in moving on and you really need to move on before life naturally decides to move you on. We as humans try so much to beat ourselves up over things that have come to stay, we allow these things to control every other part of our existence. Instead of wailing over a failed policy, crying over the position you were not given or failed projects; give yourself the chance to a better life by moving on. There are so many better paths you can follow than the one you are stuck on. Stop running your life on other peoples feet. Pay your own dues and rise up your own ladder; build social circles and relationships to help you.

Tomorrow in itself is a promise; it is filled with layers and builds of it. Do not wait to be surprised, live up to create your own surprises.  Just like the bicycle seem like gold to me then and now just a childhood wish, understand that there are no absolute paths in life, at the end, what you have fought so hard to keep might only be a phase rather than the destination. Have a lovely week