Today was the first time I saw him since the last time we talked, his passion glowed slowly and steadily but something has changed today, he was not the motivated being I always love to chat with, the one that inspires my dreams and liberates my vision; he is just the blood and bone of his former self. My brother had sought for money everywhere; he has borrowed, lied, begged to build this business, he was my ideal example of “Hustling” he has recounted to me the beautiful side of his dream and I truly loved it. I never took him serious “Cool Story Bro” I would say. Today, I really have to talk, he has been hit hard and brought to his knee.

“Help me” he said again you prove you know the art of business startup, you have a rabbi as your friend and you write about business he complained. From there he started shouting at me venting out his frustrations “nobody cares” he started ” How can they be blind to something as beautiful as this plan?”. Then I answered softly,” you are here because you respect me enough to listen, It means I have paid a due to make sure you listen to my voice of reason. Man, you have to earn respect, nobody gives you simply because you have a business dream; It doesn’t matter if you produce the best tea or the best cookie, if it doesn’t fascinate them or meet their demands you have failed. You need you to prove you are right. for now , the success factor for your business is you; not even those that claim they will be by you; once you fail, the show is over. You think it is by how hard you tell yourself you are trying? No. This is not a time for self pity, it is a period of you need to advance in thought to liberate your business from its sorry state.

I looked at him pathetically, he is the CEO of a company he only understands, no partner, no staff, no assets, no promised or expecting projects, no commitment and the most ridiculous, no plan of attack. He is the failing version of his beautiful dream. He then gave me the popular excuse; no money. Again I rebuffed him, I was so surprised at his approach, If you want money, you have to show that you deserve the money, you keep working hard till when money catches up with you, you do not wait for it. If you need money you can work to get it. How? was his next question.


Yes, finally the acceptance point………..that you need help. I told asked how many business books he has read or websites he has visited; he could only mention few. I am even sure nothing was learnt in the process. Learn to read wide and large about the field you wish to go into. From here the next is to gather experience in this area, then write a very easy to understand and detailed strategy ( Business Plan). Then first start with the simple things you can afford without breaking your neck. After you have built this foundation, the survival stage is left for you to either look out for sponsors( now they can invest because you have proved to them you know what you are doing) or just pour your money back into the business and keep generating but( a slow but rewarding process).If you have forgotten, I will remind you that you are the main resource to your business at this stage. I told him this

“At the end, you will realize that everything in life is free……………..only if you can pay the price.”

So today my brother is not one person, it is every business gurus of tomorrow stranded today. If  you want me to share your strengths and challenges in developing your business, share a topic, or even you just want to talk to me; you can send me a mail at I have a special package next week Sunday, dont miss it for anything.