Web Design and development


The client wanted the customers to be able to track their orders and also have a custom email anytime they make an order to inform them of different stages of their bespoke suit.




Tadwool Bespoke

Project Skill

Web Design/ Development.

Order Tracking

Custom Mail Design


Product Development

The project was developed with each client being sent a custom order tracking number for their orders. Javascript functionality was implemented to create a visual animation on the homepage also.

We love to deliver seamless perfection!

Order Tracking

We created a visual representation of the order so that users can know the start and expected end of the order.

Users can also leave a note as the project is being developed so that our client knows about any change in delivery information or design pattern

Custom Mail Delivery

A mail is sent as the project begins so that the customer can be notified about the process and expected delivery date. The user can also choose to unsubscribe from the mail system and only receive a call from the dispatch rider when order is ready.

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