Web Design and development


This project was developed to allow exhibitors to feature and explain the benefits of their products and services to a global audience within a given timeslot. The users can also register to chat the exhibitors on products and services of interest to them.




Strategic Business Techspace Limited.

Project Skill

Web Design

Membership Portal.

Chat Functionality.

Content Upload management.

Product Features

The project was featured in The Guardian newspaper on the 30th of March, 2018. The problem the project intends to solve and its ambition in tranforming business viability on a global scale was discussed.


Web development

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

User Experience Research

We took time to understand the business needs and how the product will appeal to our target audience before creating the design.

Membership Chat Functionality

We made it as seamless as possible for any visitor to create an account and check the profile of the exhibitors. They can also follow these exhibitors and send them a personal message after viewing their presentation.

Web & App Development

We made sure also that any technical issue can be easily resolved by sending a message to the admin, the interface was easy to understand and enough instruction given to the visitors so that they can understand how to use the interface.

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