It is always difficult to accept the end of an era and look forward to a new one. We have been used to an idea of comfort for so long that sometimes change is “uncomfortable”. A very brilliant friend spoke to me today about her fears. She was afraid of the cost she might pay for the change… five years of university is over and it is time to factor a new life.

A new life has to start inevitably, we will all die someday, and that is a permanent change. It forms part of the reason we have to retire, one day the company will no longer need you, and your whole life worth will be left to posterity to determine your legacy.

Everyday I wake up an unrefined rock waiting just to become the diamond I was made to be…. It has been said to be the only life that last forever but then I was told it does not even last forever.. it eventually gradually turns to graphite for a very long time… So I come back to assert that change is permanent, and change lasts forever. I have today to make that decision again, to be the biggest diamond because I do not want to fade away.

If money is your ultimate goal in life, you have failed because it will eventually be recycled and even cannot save you on the dying bed. Let us begin the search for a greater prestige more than money can buy. If it is big names; it eventually becomes empty without purpose. Let us build a name for the next generation.

Let us start creating the value out of ourselves, let us start looking forward to a life that serves others. I have lost so many friends in life, I might as well never see some again till I meet my God. So what really matters to me, it so live a life they will all remember. I want someone to vouch for my light in the darkest place of the earth. I want to create a value in others that money cannot buy.

I will stop here today by saying do not just live through work, do not just live through life but live life itself blessing others. The person next to you will not be there forever but make the person forever appreciate who you were when you were around.

To the lovely folks I have spent a vital part of my life with also, I hope I have been a blessing to you, I will miss you all in a unique way. I love you all.