So in my first semester in 500 level, I soaked my clothes in the laundry room and went into my room only to come back and meet my clothes on the floor and a part was soaked into a much smaller bucket. I borrowed the two buckets I was using so I decided to look for it. My hall is a three(3) storey with Seven (7) wings so I moved from one wing to the other checking the twenty eight (28) floors and suddenly, I saw these buckets at a laundry room with clothes inside well soaked, out of anger I poured the clothes on the floor and walking back to my floor with my shoulders high. I was ready to see the demon that will stop me and eventually no one did.

On my way back I was going to my floor and met this big guy in my course, I told him about my ordeal and this time a ton of my folks were around. They were very angry believing if the person is not in our level, must be below us and so my big friend pumped my ego saying throwing the clothes to the ground was not enough, we should seize them. Again we started the journey back to the floor and I saw my my friend’s confidence reducing as we got closer to the floor and getting there we picked up the cloth and realized the size was XXXL!!!, someone just shouted my friend’s name and asked “Na you pour bright (not real name) clothes for floor?” and my guy just gave a flimsy excuse and told me to move. While hurrying back to our own floor I asked what was wrong and he told me the guy was one of the lords on the ground, he has been in school for close to nine years and very ill tempered. That was it! I almost could not wash my clothes again and even started thinking of how to calm him down if he descends on me. I was not bothered about this before I knew who he was and suddenly I could not stop thinking of the trouble I had created. Ideally I was right but my knowledge has moved my thought from justice to sentiment.

There is something about knowledge, it gives the right or wrong education. I have come to realize that the more we know most times the little we try to change the status quo. Apparently “research” has proved that it is not possible. We are getting educated for the wrong reasons. Knowledge was built to empower us in business not decrease our morale. Do not allow people to keep talking you off the things you have in your mind. What are you planning for so long? Get yourself used to the morals and positive side of stories and stop looking at their complications. Remember that all businesses are built by ordinary men. Ordinary men achieve extra-ordinary feats by transforming extra-ordinary ideas into big ventures and so they become legends. Legends are not born they are made.

Stop listening to the negative stories if you are not learning from it. Build your business with positive energy and never walk in anyone’s shadows. I understood from a friend that if you build your business with your unique dream, you should have no competition.

I am ending with me, I am learning everyday to keep trying, to learn from my negative stories and to build from other stories about me a solid brand. I strive to see the birth of my works daily and I rejoice in the liberation of others when I see they have a better understanding of theirs. There is enough job to go round, you have not just created it yet.

See you next week.