images   Life as we know it plays a game of chess with us, waiting for our intelligence and wisdom; the moves we make to each life challenges determines how good or bad we end the game.
You may end up being checkmated by life, always making the wrong choices and always thinking that the worst decision is the best one. The worst part is never learning from it. Gradually, we lose the pawns when we were small, then we mix everything up, bringing out any shot we have and feeding the world with it (Our knights, Queen, Rooks, Bishops e.t.c) till we have nothing left to fight the world with then we lose: bowing out with shame and defeat.
It can be a stalemate, you can just keep playing low, being very careful and always running from challenges never great not small, no great accomplishment but that means we just passed through, not making any footprint on the sands of our time.
Then I can be positive about life, not minding how many times I get knocked down by it. Value each talent inside you, the queen may be devoured by life but the pawns might one day become anything if you give it a chance; that makes you exceptional.
Your Knight can jump to speak for you; it is your boldness facing all your challenges even from steps behind, jumping over your weakness to speak for you.
Your Rook can only move in “L” manner, it is your focus: you move straight towards your goal without distraction. Your challenges will always tell you that you can’t cross this river, but focus brings out the possibility consciousness.
Your bishop moves diagonally, it is your flexibility to listen to others, sometimes you have to move out of your path to listen to what others have to say. Criticism is vital to any business.
My queen, my confidence. Yes! I can do all things, I can go anywhere, I have the power to change my future. Your challenges are your limitations that can be conquered all the way by confidence.
My king; my honor, my  glory, my destiny, that must not be trapped by life always tells me I will always face challenges, but I can persevere and move on. But this glory needs to be well guided so life should not run me down.
So my greatest value, the pawn; the small things I have neglected, bringing out the best in me, easy to be judged by the world, to be killed by it. It is my greatest strength yet, very easy-going and patient in bringing out the best in me. Approach life with a gentle, confident, positive-mental steps. Challenges brings out the best of the pawns.
Your challenges brings out the best gift in you, it is your strength, speak to your mountains that you are greater than them. Respect the values, let me tell you, what the bibles says about these chess characters
“Neglect not the gift that is in thee………”
The king is the only game without a second chance when trapped completely. God has given you this destiny so it cannot be completely devoured but can be trapped by life but know that it is always in there.
I end with this, choose wisely, live right, live God, play well and win gallantly.