I watched again today as another great future rolls by without little or nothing to do to save it from destruction. I therefore think that it is my civic responsibility to charge the coming generation and the present.

Josiah started quite well with great promises; he saw it once on his report sheet that he was a genius. He made impressive grades through his school days and had the respect of most teachers. Like every child with a dream, he made up his mind to be an engineer. With no idea of his dream, he started out first by believing that you cannot be good enough to pass the entrance exam, as usual was encouraged by his teachers to cheat so as to pass the national entrance exam. Getting to the university, he carried the mentality that cheating was the way out, encouraged by his peers that university was meant for “flexing”. Today, very close to the end, he could only boast of a fair grade and maybe a chance to do masters at a course he had no idea about yet. He has only one goal; to own one of the beautiful houses on the Island and drive the smart cars in James Bond Movies.

I asked him once “If you build your company someday, and someone walks in to tell you that he cheated through school, will you employ him?” and he gave a straight NO. “So you with all sincerity, you cannot even employ yourself and most people you abuse on corruption are just older version of yourself too because they were never used to the idea of doing things the right way” I concluded.

How do we therefore hope to build a smarter country when most youth believe that being dumb is the smartest way to success? Our process is filled with people who cheated almost all through our formal education taking top positions in our country and others take to sports, fashion or entertainment to settle scores (No disrespect please they are worthy professions, I just get to see almost everyone there), the reason we find ourselves back to the fall of indirect rule only that we have many colonial masters and this time using technology as their major force.

Consider this, the smart people that went through the toil of school will eventually fall out of this process and just look for normal positions leaving people that are used to cheating to build our economy. I do not understand if the adults abusing the corrupt practices of the government will be the same people teaching candidates in the exam halls they are therefore aides to another failed government.

Today, if we must stop creating the cheap and ineffective labor, the smart ones should learn to speak up and act on our behalf while those cheating should learn to be smart so as to join forces to create a great future for ourselves. Let us not forget that people that do take government projects are just like us and sometimes it takes only one man to make the difference, just a man with enough influence. Realize

I watched as people learn the western culture and become refined ( Some even more ignorant than before) because they realized the right way of doing things from them. Their economy doesn’t give the space for much nonsense and they are result oriented rather than just school grades. Some get their eyes opened and get back home to make exploits and some sadly do not learn.

I will conclude today by saying it is time for us to invent and improve, let us make arts out of facts to save us from having more political and academic artifacts. Learn from the ants and be wise. Set examples and manifest. Business is not always about popularity, profit and loss; it has to do with excellence, passion and inspiring others to follow.

We meet again next week. Till then, remain honest and learn to improve