I had a challenge recently with my phone and went out to fix it. I could not get to the maintenance center to get it fixed so I went to an “Engineer” with his shop so small that I missed the description thrice; only one person can sit inside at a time. So I went inside to ask him for help, he said he will take it to maintenance store for me and make sure a fine work was done. What surprised me was the money he asked me to pay. It was so cheap that I stood there dumb and he immediately got my message, then he answered in Yoruba; “I don’t collect impossible amount from my customers, I only gain the impossible trust that I will give them my best for an amount that appeals my conscience, by so doing I will only not generate large amount from many people, but also respect and recommendation from them also.” This man moved in to this place about three weeks earlier and from the small stall, people were standing at the door and flocking in and out, he has earned my respect and recommendation because I was satisfied with his services.
Many of us are out of job because of pride of a respect we never earned. Immediately we get to taste some good things of life, any other thing becomes too “cheap” for you to do. The greatest business I have studied got to the position by giving an excellent brand that through compassion, contentment and humility in the owner of the business; think on these things. Even the bible says

And of some have compassion, making a difference:
Jud 1:22

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For today, it is more of solution providing than business write-up.
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