So I was having a conversation with a friend recently about the future and I asked her where the road leads to after the first degree, my friend said she after her service, she might just go for masters or maybe not. I pressed further to ask what the intention was for masters and she said she doesn’t even know. It pained me to see another life that is about to be lived ordinarily once more.

What is the normal life expectancy; you go to school, become the Doctor, Lawyer, and Engineer ending up with a long time of employment without any day of impact or glory, then the cycle is finished. You become irrelevant and too old; it is time to retire: a very typical life. I wonder the reason then why we expect something out of the normal to happen when it was never anticipated. The fundamental factor to achieving anything worthy of posterity is a vision in mind and passion at heart,that is the foundation of that private company you hope to work for! So even if you will end up working for someone , have a vision in mind as to what you aim to achieve at the place no matter how short, then make it your mission. This is the reason we have both short-term and long-term vision.

Vision they say is ability to see far into a future that is yet to come; the believed accomplishment of great feats with faint strategy, so a part of vision often makes it the dream if it ends up not fulfilled. Vision comes with a strong conviction in your heart that what you have seen can be true.

So there was this average boy from the streets of Uganda, he grew up selling things in his father’s shop. He knew and told himself that he was going to be a successful business man and watched his father closely from when he was young. He succeeded marginally till when the Idi-amin’s government set in and he lost all his fortune and was thrown into the prison twice. He came out with nothing but his vision, he proved to me that the world will keep throwing their dust at you; the only way to earn their gold is to rise above them. Nobody cares who you are till when you matter. Even in the church, some still get the front sit by default. So you can keep analyzing the reason behind that or you join the league of the major people that makes their voices count.

Today, after striking deals with many companies, he is one of the richest people in Uganda, one of the few Africans and the only Ugandan to be knighted by the queen Elizabeth of England. He is into almost every business you can imagine; cars, textiles, agriculture, water and all. His name is Gordon Wavamunno. A blogger from Uganda called Paul Ndiho said this about him “His ability to succeed after repeated hardships is remarkable”.

Ponder on this, in 50 years’ time, where you will be? What will be your achievement? What are we going to say about you? If you can answer this successfully, then maybe you are already heading there.

At the end, make sure the old “you” celebrates the present “you”.