I was somewhere the other day and heard a conversation between two ladies, one telling the other that her daughter in KG 2(Kindergarten class) was given the most intelligent student in class(already?!!) and she was so happy and I was so bothered; it slightly reminded me of how schooling was for me also. I am going to be one of the parents that will never be able to tell my children that I topped my class because closest I ever was, was the second position(that was as far back as primary school!). We were lucky not to have position grading in my secondary school but we all knew the best student in the class because our teachers kept asking “Who is the best student in the class?”,and it was always a chorus answer and I can still name all the academic “desperados” that I met through school . I remember a friend of mine crying then because he did not make the school scholarship even as brilliant and hardworking as he was, he left school after the session probably because he needed the scholarship even more than its winner.

I made my own academic achievements and have never been cast aside because I simply believed that one should be diligent at anything he/she wants to do. I can remember in my Final year when I discussed this topic with a friend and she thought I simply did not like the First class students and I told her I have very good friends among them but my problem is not them, my problem is the system.

There is a problem with the input when compared to the output; if all variables remains thesame as we were taught in school, all world inventors must be exceptional in studies and anyone not meeting up in grades simply cannot make it in life.  As we build systems to ensure this theory(Scholarships, grades, prize/award days, lecturer’s constant nagging) life consistency neutralizes the events. We started out in life being taught to be in a competition with everyone and eventually end up running the race alone! Ironic isn’t it!

Anything you will ever do in life, just always know that it is your life; when you eventually die, it will be your grave, when you work extremely hard, it will be your money and when you make costly mistakes it will be in your name. Remember that your success is nobody’s responsibility, it is yours : so if you don’t develop yourself, nobody will do it for you! Ultimately remember that you have the greatest decision to make in determining who you will eventually become in life; it is not up to your lecturer, your grades, your course-mates or even your parents. Life is a book of complicated mysteries that no one can completely finish. In retrospect, nobody can totally demystify the essence of another person’s life. We are all in a journey to understand what life holds for us. The painful part is when most eventually do, it will be too late to make amends.

Forget your constraints, bias, opinions and make up your own script.

Some will never live their lives till they die because they measure everything they will ever achieve in life with other people’s own. In this race, you are on your own. We all have to aspire to be something different because we were created to be. Remember, if God wanted a monochrome order he would not have even created light because light in itself has many variations of colour.


Thanks again to all my readers that keep reading, liking and sharing but never make comments especially those that will rather call or mail me than to comment. I intend to fully understand the logic behind this soon cos it baffles me; probably that is also a mystery in this book called life!