Today is about my happiest moment. Many days I was emotionally battered, tears almost rolling and feeling every strength departing from me as I diligently run my race to make a name for myself in this business arena. I have seen the good days and the bad, learnt to feel the deepest pain without allowing it to block the sight of greater purposes. Some promised, some respected it and some just at the background waiting for me to succeed (or fail) and the others, just tagging with me in case I should make it; they were not really there to support me but always doing something just to make sure they are in the picture. Achieved a lot that I could not imagine, done project beyond my years, dinned with great minds, had my days when I sit alone without  motivation,  comfort. Alas, the race has not even started but the heat is strong.

Talking about the reason I cannot afford to misbehave, a friend of mine recently came over to ask me what to ask me what my business was about, I explained all I do; business start-up solutions, web development and online marketing. He just quietly answered that he knows, he just wanted to be sure. I suddenly realized that I had become his mentor; he has followed my business from inception, he knew what my first website looks like, he knew when I started my social outreach, he read my first article and was there all through. He never commented, neither did he like but he believed in me and saw me as a mentor. I remembered a partner that believed in me enough and said,”The only reason I will relent is if you give up”. If you are reading this, I say a special thank you for trusting the believe on me.


I understood from this that when you feel you are tired of working, work harder, when you think you are tired reasoning, think hard. I understand that you draw your greatest strength by seeing the light of your business glowing from other people’s eye. Someone asked me how much we have made as a business, and I remembered thinking within; the worth is not in money, it is in the people that believe in it. So work hard to earn the respect of those watching and learning from your personality.

We officially became fully registered  on the 3rd of July,2012 and last Wednesday made it a year. I cannot help but realize that our success was majorly a factor of other people’s believe, support and enthusiasm. I love the support, the hits and those that managed to like even those that commented and sent mails. Thanks for being part of our reality.

My words to you today is that it is all about you, be afraid no longer, it is not all about building a successful brand, it is about starting a brand at all. To those still looking for the voice of wisdom to start something worthy to be called their own brand, it will come from within when you least expect it.

Finally I will like to thank those who do not know me or never cared who I was; you motivate me to do more, I will like to give my thanks to the big boys and girls that holds this structure;my inner circles, Seyi Nojimu-Yusuf, Affi Elijah(, Olabisi Tolulope, Sofowora Tosin, Oluwole Oyetoke, Esiri Joy, Ejiro, Banji, Omoraiyewa Joshua, Oluwaseun Oluwabusola. To the friends that will never turn me down, Adebayo Tanimowo, Akadiri Tayo, Audu Kelly, Coker Tomiwa, Daramola Samuel, Obatoki Ire, Ajayi Martins, Aigbefo Kelvin, Mackson Okotie (, Omolaja John, (Soloooo!!!! Dawuduuuu!!!!!!), Master Kua. To those that gave me the wings of expression and made the battens to my spotlight; ‘Dipo Peters( Zero-one Communications), Abimbola Babalola (Airtel Networks Limited), Accountant Jimoh Akadiri ( Jimoh Akadiri&co), Engineer Adetiba (Jeta  Communications), Dr. Matthews (Covenant University). To my family, you remain family.

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