While it is true that the record of those before us intimidate us into believing that we cannot do more exploit than them, let us not also forget that the history and stories about Men makes them look perfect. As a matter of fact they too were victims of the same circumstance we find ourselves today


We have not always been the best at that very thing we hope to see. Each day we wake with the the beautiful dream of achieving all we set out to do for the day. Sometimes we gladly do so and most time we watch in a very helpless manner as the day is seized from us waiting again for the opportunity of another day.

While my suspicion about this perfect story might be false or true; lets hold it first at the back of our mind that the audience in the game of life are observant but forgiving, so I listened to an inimitable  old woman sharing with me the past: the great story of Awolowo. With the glint of light in her eyes to see another  future so similar, she explicitly explained how this hero saved their economy and liberated them from injustice, but she never told me the deeds of Abacha believed to be the most ruthless leader. Hence, I can’t pass the story of this sad past to the future. I also wished to tell her about the learned generation that can do better than the Awolowos of the past. Unfortunately, this can only be viewed in perspective.

Connecting the dots of this write-up, I will say that you my friend should look at these live examples to make straight the path for the future. It is not as if they didn’t have their bad deeds, I could remember my Geography teacher then talking about the bad sides of Awolowo, it is funny that I never read it anywhere in the dailies neither did I see in on the Television.

Economics we call a social science; science we defined as the study of life through careful , thorough observation. I will therefore be careful to make these observations on our Economy as I have rightly observed, I need to make careful, thorough analysis so as not to defy the laws of science.

For the elders here that I can’t possibly lecture about the very cause of our own history, you will do well to remember that the cause of our colonization was economical and not political ( but for those willing to know, I have to say that the economic reason will be well explained in two weeks from the publication of this article so watch out)  and this same ideal still rules the society today. I will also say in this article that most of our heroes in the past proved their point from proving the point to us that sometimes, we should not drive our business from economic perspective but from the point of achieving excellence and from the depth of our passion. So I say that if you don’t have passion for your business drop it; if you don’t crave for excellence too, you can as well drop the venture too.

time passing

I observed that the difference between the past and the awaited future, the past was filled with heroes in different Areas, extremely dynamic and vibrant because they do not have a messiah but the future is still in the continuous term of awaited today because everyone is looking up to a messiah to save them from the collapsing economy. Then I wondered why there are so many “reluctant messiahs” using Richard Bach’s language. It is at this stage obvious that we have to sadly forget the labors of the heroes past, certainly not in vain but in our vehemence to work; it should only be used as a foundational story for our own exploit. As it is, we have learnt from this past that these heroes took it by force: they were not skilled like the white neither more organized in their pattern of approach, but they learnt to act and speak up and through these gained the attention of a whole nation. I am not even talking about the millitary, the civilians!! Obafemi Awolowo, Dele Giwa, Ken Tsaro wiwa, Gani fawehinmi and the lots of them.  Adding my  voice therefore to our activists, able ministers and worthy ambassador of our very own cause, I will say wait no more; nobody will give you the opportunity to express yourself, so start learning to speak up!!! Your children are waiting too to tell the heroic tales of their father, you were not groomed through school to tell the tales of school; it is for creating solution in your field. Take charge of your economy, take charge of your own finances; fuel price hike should not dictate how you eat or what you wear. I am not saying you should not work under a boss, I am saying if it is not sufficient then start creating avenues to boss yourself.

As I like to do sometimes as my concluding statement  I will like to give a quote from Obafemi Awolowo himself

There are times when even the greatest tactician in diplomatic cunning is outclassed in his own game. It is then that he discovers that all that he thought he had gained is but loss,  and what is left of the national honor and dignity is but the shadow of an illustrious past that is gone forever, or of a potentially great future that will never come.”