The art of living a concept might just be as easy as making a cup of coffee or maybe as complicated as being one of the few men that landed on the moon. Let me relate today to my cup of coffee. I want you to know that my points here today forms the basis of the greatest companies in the world today.

The first fixed asset to build in any business is your reputation.

It doesn’t take a perfect person to make a cup of coffee; I personally believe that the man that always makes a good coffee must have made enough of terrible ones. You should remember to build your concept to a stage that you are truly enjoying it. A reputation is built from creating excellence point in your business unique to only you. People will have to trust that you are the best solution around to the  problem. You are permitted to do any common business but you must create a unique approach to it different from any other. There are so many places that they make coffee but people will patronize one than the other but I have reasons for this.

Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure – Earl Wilson

You must make your business as simple as possible that it takes anybody to tell what you are doing. Making coffee is simple but your innovation, customer relation, environment, Packaging and branding, and your unique coffee taste makes it a great coffee. To any person, they feel they can do what you are doing but they simply can’t because you have created a unique method of doing yours. I do not expect you to build a cyber cafe in a company area where they all have Internet Service Providers or in a village where they only go to farm. It will never fetch you enough. I do not need your business to be spectacular, I need your strategy to be.


A unique business should reward patronizing customers.

Now for the coffee stand again, I believe if your restaurant has a television, it makes a big difference, if you can remember your customer’s names and birthdays and send a birthday message, you are making them pledge their loyalty to you.  You must make your customer look forward to your product by giving the something back.

You first participate actively to become the greatest beneficiary.

If you want to become a sponsor or top shareholder in any company, you must first actively participate actively in a venture to have enough money to become one. Men love shortcuts but to true greatness there is no shortcuts, you simply have to run your race. I will promise you that without actively participating in any venture, you can NEVER become a name in the industry. It is not about the money, it is first about the personality. To make anyone interested fully in your business, you must build it to a reasonable point  to own it. Passion brings money, not loans.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Example is not the main thing in influencing other people, It is the only thing”

Learn what the magician knows and it is not magic anymore- Richard Bach (Illusions; Adventures of a reluctant messiah)

I have enough to write, if you read this article to this stage, I must say that you have a good shot at success because I realize that we are building weaker economy due to the few numbers of informed people that we have. It does not matter if you need this now, what matters is that what you have read passively form your basic thoughts and approach to situations. To be exceptional in any field you have to read enough and learn enough from the authorities in this field. This is the only way to know if your critics are right or wrong also know that you are not creating a concept if you have neither been criticized nor commended. A great coffee maker after all is the one that learnt from others mistakes and success altogether.

Please remember that a coffee maker should enjoy making his coffee and also drinking it. After years of work, he can call himself a success when he buys his dream assets from his venture. So I will conclude with a man I am learning from named Moole.

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching.”

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