Some few days ago, I was writing and thinking on one of my articles and gave it to a partner to go through when someone asked me silently if I blog, I affirmed the question and then asked me for the name of the blog which I gave to her and then she goes “Oh, you are the Macsound Guy?” This was not the first time I was linked to my business this way but this brought a lot of consciousness towards how I could think on my platform because I realized it was not like the beginning where I could just do anything I wanted and people would not  bother, now they are becoming part of my story. Then the next day I was talking to another person that said he loved the success of my start-up and it was his own Idea also about success; doing what he likes and loving it.

Then it dawned on me that I was getting tied to opinions, constructs and ideas of people about how they perceive me and what I do and suddenly afraid to try new things without analyzing people’s opinions attached to it. I was getting confined to a role particularly remembering what a partner said recently when we got a new job, “That is not our thing” and suddenly I understood that I have a “thing”.

 Asking the obvious question, who defines creativity?, as I looked at Google and saw the Uniquesness in their diversity, Google was (is) popularly known for the search engine and now they own Youtube, Android, Nexus and creating technologies like Google talk, Google maps, Google chrome, Google………. around their platforms, I understood that their essence was not lost in diversity.

Here is my very good friend who sells Rice and now has realized that he can also sell kunu and Zobo (Local drinks). We are still talking of food but we are also talking about diversity.

About me being the “Macsound Guy”, it has created a lot of fears in my mind; the fear that I could not “experiment” as I would when I launched out, the fear that creating dimensions might crash the “originality” or the “name” I am trying to build. Then what is in a name other than what you have defined it to be? Your purpose is to create the idea behind the name consistently. A stagnant business will die over time because dynamism keeps you afloat.

This is the thesame idea behind paid employment. Some get so comfortable that their whole life is totally dependent on the mood of their employee: the moment they don’t get paid, their world crumbles. It is not okay to get trapped with a routine life for the rest of your life, there should always be room for self development and actualization of personal plan. Set goals, don’t be financially and intellectually lazy. 

It is not ideal to be comfortable with an idea about yourself, perfection is not stagnation. I sincerely get disappointed when I see people parading the same knowledge for months, years without actualization. It boils down to the fact that we are all afraid of failing (falling) and losing the comfort of our “reputation” which nobody really cares about.

Do not allow yourself to be confined to an idea; change your approach so that they will one day understand that you are limitless. Until you evolve, the world will not look in your direction. See you again next week.