It was a story that started from Vanderbilt then to John Rockefeller to Henry Ford and now the world is chanting Bill gates. Private companies are on the edge of the competition; Great by Choice by Jim Collins says how companies leapt from very little capital to making  ten times the initial capital in few ages. The world is evolving and technology race is evolving fast as Mark of Facebook became a billionaire in less than 10 years.  I have seen Nigerians participating in this trend. One I actually respect his story is Chinedu Echeruo , a Techpreneur and the Founder of and who sold the one of the website to apple for a deal running to billions and currently one of the most powerful African men on forbes list. Jason Njoku is busy blazing the trail in online media entertainmet for west africa,it is therefore an indication that you can actually achieve anything you want to achieve with time. Clouded with insecurity is the fear of failure when comparing Self Employement and Paid. The fact still remains that all great companies started with an idea that belongs to someone.

I personally believe that freedom is an illusion; you are never truly free, our very existence is bounded by factors if you intend to keep living but the greatest asset to freedom is choice. You are always free to choose. The more choices you have the more ideas you can implement.

The era of serving a company critically just for job security is fading out, I think the main reason you should work for someone is to build experience and create formidable bridges through trust and dedication to service; they should not have a negative story about you.

McKinsey which has a reputation for conducting tough  exams for their prospective employees started as a small firm through James O. McKinsey in 1926 who left a job security with University of Chicago to start a firm in consulting and today has a revenue of about 8 billion dollars. The company generated his fortune with Time and People. What of KPMG that gives a one in a lifetime exam  for their own propective employee? It started with four persons; K for Piet Klynveld, P for William Barclay Peat, M for James Marwick and G for Reinhard Goerdeler. The world best products are all products of people, people keep setting the standards and determining the rules in which our economic world should function.

The stage is getting competitive and it is leaving only the giants at heart to rule. It is the same Nigeria that bred Sim Shagaya who is the founder of Dealdey and Konga, Dangote invested in multiple sectors and brought home returns. Nigeria is rapidly raising Techpreneurs and Agricultural experts will also soon be indispensable. I sincerely question the role of most people in this trend, I see redundancy everywhere. Why should a civil servant sit under tree from morning till evening and call that being productive for the day? What is the definition of “workplace” for you? The poor will definitely keep getting poorer in this coming dispensation; it is a dispensation of knowledge. If you are busy doing nothing, you will remain in a pathetic position.

Charge yourself therefore to be productive, both at the workplace and outside it; you can do more with the gist time, the sleeping time, the movie time. The degrees are getting rapidly irrelevant. Nigeria is rapidly substituting degrees for skills. It will not be about the class of the degree or excellency of grades soon , it will only be about how productive you have been in everything you call experience. Charge yourself to run the race: before you blink, it might be over.