I have always known Dele to be one of the most intelligent people in the world, I remembered in primary school as our teacher will abuse us and ask us why we all cannot be like Dele; he was in the first position from the very first day to the last day he left. He wrote his entrance exam in Primary 4 and became the best in the state, he got scholarship twice in Secondary school and became one of the best student in the Senior Certificate examination and finally went ahead to get another for his university education in the United States.

I wanted to be like Dele, I thought my life would not find a reasonable meaning or may not be an impactful one except I become “Dele”. I met many “Deles” on my path and I am still meeting many till now. Until I met another one: an accomplished scholar. He was on scholarship all his life and today a college doctor. I loved his methods and accomplishment as he made me understand my strengths, brought out the best in me; a wonderful mentor and for the first time in my life I realized, that we cannot all be Dele.

I understand that my primary school teacher was wrong because she could not see the uniqueness of my ability, she could not even see the potential of my future. I consider myself a maverick today, because I am not cut out to be like others. I have my own defined goals towards life which I strife to achieve daily. My college Doctor made me realize that I cannot be Dele because Dele needs people like me to see the world differently.

Today my friend is an achiever and I am very happy for him, he fully utilized his own potential, I now need to fully utilize mine. I cannot sit down and be judged by others due to my inability to be Dele. I want you to know that your value is unique. Uniqueness in diverse form creates a beautiful world. Find your core and express it without limitation so that at the end in your own calling, you will be a subject matter.