In the advent of the “cheap money” belief, I shake my head for most youth that have never invested nor contributed in building their personal self but take their fathers car with these big speakers singing all sort of fame they never planned for and money they have never touched before. Our society is teaching them daily to live in a world they know for sure that they aren’t up to. It makes me question the place of hard work and effectiveness in the things that we do daily. I get tired of seeing each day as the western world impose their beliefs, technology and fashion and in return we only make our fame in entertainment and religion !!!( emphasis on Christianity)!!!. Nobody speaks sense any longer into their children because most parents are busy being enslaved by the white collar jobs; they are been given impossible deadlines and crazy contracts without ever thinking of getting out of it, sad faces in the staff bus each morning and the ones sleeping in the evening from the ceaseless traffic congestion. Takes me back to the slavery years where a black will be the slave drivers for other slaves like him with a white as their owner.


Instead of the rich to encourage the poor boy that wants to build his first mobile phone, they rather give the project to a “white” irrespective of where he comes from or how good he is on the job. They rather spend the money on their brand ambassadors who are not creating any value of relevance than spending it on our local brands to become a global topic. It is so painful that our mentally dictates anything from our country as sub-standard can even pay impossible fee to get it done and “imported” to us; that is the class we chose to believe in as if those in charge over there are not humans like us.

You prefer spending all your money to build their economy rather than learn from it; they build our roads, keep your money,you build in their country and finally when you have worked hard in their companies to make your money, you go back to their country for a vacation and give it back to them. This in turn makes internal money circulation low and the local folks will go ahead to produce sub -standards; it is a cycle that starts from you.

As young as early in life, I made up my mind not to join those complaining if I cannot proffer a solution the world can hear about. I will like to say to my  friends today, if you truly want to become the next generation Carlos slim, you should start promoting local products/brands or invest heavily in them, you should start learning the individual strengths of these investors and create our own brand.

Any solution outside this is politically influenced. If you are about forty and above, by now you should have your own pet project. Do not wait to be thrown out of office before you think hard. Start now. I will no longer be part of this problem, I choose to remain loyal to my own cause. I will diligently serve in any capacity trusted on me. At the end I will learn to create a brand my nation wants to see. I will not portray my country in its negative image any longer, I will be part of the solution the generation will speak of. I have been asked so many times why I chose to be diligent in so many areas not noticed or neglected by my peers, why I like to “form efficiency”. My answer is  I am working hard enough to make sure one day the world will sit down to listen to my success story, I am making sure when I talk that day, you will have no other choice but to learn from me. You do not know me? I am “thinking ink” in God’s pen, he writes with me and I express his wisdom.  Look for my name, write it in an old note, cover it and misplace the note, I will work hard enough to make sure that one day you find it. 

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