I once had the moment when I had it all figured out, life was no misery at all, it was all about 6-3-3-4 and then getting a job. I was being sent on errands a lot as the last child so I imagined having my own house a lot. I just wanted to be a doctor, then a Banker because of their suit, later an Engineer cause I read it somewhere that I could have a whole street named after me. I was in my last class in Junior school and now I wanted to be an accountant (sorry, dreams are free) then I was stuck in science class because Science is the big brother of all subjects, then I wanted to go into aeronautics (No special appeal, I learnt it was not offered in the country and I was ready to run out of Nigeria). One day my dad told me about the awesome world of computers he barely knew about, but IT was the in thing was all he knew.

So my cousin took me through the first code of html and I saw my “hello world” transformed from a notepad to a webpage; I was definitely  ecstatic and promised to program and never looking back. So I found myself in ICT Engineering and again I was stuck because it did not look like programming.

I realised that I might have wasted a long time discovering who I really wanted to be. I knew all along that I was going to make it but the challenge was how long it would take then I left finished my degree and had Job offers in thesame Nigeria where there are no jobs. I am not the most privileged off all and definitely has low attainment in where I still hope to be but I learnt the reward in persistence and hardwork beats any talent.  Realizing I could not have done these things on my own,I  have come to submit that there is no success outside God.. Tag it in anyway you want. I realized I was not even skilled for most things or places I have commanded authority and then he gives me the grace to work.

Start this year with where you intend to be at the end of the year and tell God about it. Stop roaming the darkness of life wasting your time. If you stretch your hand in darkness your hand might touch anything; it might be what you want or not….but no one really gets misguided with the light.

You might still be like the old me running and wanting every profession but at the end where you are does not stop where you want to be. So ascend and prove Him right.