That day was eventful in the chapel when I started thinking on my business model. For the first time in my life, I had an idea! I felt so good and I could not stop writing, it was really adventurous as I dreamt of many accomplishment in my mind, coveted many podiums. I thought I would be supported and the money was just waiting for the grabs as motivational speakers painted. Alas! it was more of a challenge than an adventure.

I understand better now, I have transformed my dreams to workable ideas and then into plans; I understand that there are no short-cuts to true success except I pay my dues through diligence and working creativity. I know now that smartness creates a brand and persistent hard-work sustains it.

The world has educated us that all is needed is the “eureka moment”, they forgot to tell us that we have to show due diligence.¬† The abuse of the statement “smart-work” is despicable in the modern times as youth now define it as “a state where you do not need hard-work but strategy and little work to succeed”, no wonder we do not have many businesses rising above the average.

I know that the best of brands are created by smart thinkers that are extremely hardworking at what they do.

Today I will like you to dream: dream wide, dream big, dream high because it goes for free then make realistic plan to unfold them.

To me, smart-work means “having a smart plan and working hard to achieve it”. You can always do more. Have a lovely week.