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We are offering the best of IT business world

Business Solution

Macsound Integrated Services is a business solutions concept, founded with the aim of creating an online presence for businesses and corporate bodies.

Forward Thinking

We encourage startup businesses in the country, this we do by writing articles on start-up Lessons and experiences, creating a web experience and building business solutions that shows the best in businesses.

Problem Solvers

We solve information starvation;businesses today especially the startups are currently unable to make a name for themselves due to the unavailability of the relevant skills, knowledge, and platforms to equip them.

Customer Support

Growth in business requires a substantial amount of publicity, branding and mentorship. We are here to suggest the best practises

Our Story

We started out as a young group of thinkers that decided to solve the challenge of IT presence of Nigerian businesses especially startups, we loved the sight we imagined; that we can remove information starvation in our economy and increase internet penetration by providing an online presence for  businesses….we simply wanted to mind your business and see it grow. Today, our niche is to get Nigerian businesses online by developing web solutions and creating an enabling platform for their growth by making use of technology.

We have also decided to express our own little business adventure through writing. After all,  the stories of today are the legends of tomorrow.

Welcome to our story.

• Web design and development
• Online marketing
• Business directory
• Business mentoring
• Business start-up articles
  • Teamwork
  • Perseverance
  • Excellence
  • Personal development
  • Faith
  • Diligence.
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You can contact us directly now. All inquiries can be made to info@uniquegifts.com.ng.