I am still on the issue of creating a change. Times and time again we have a paradigm shift about what is really important. We made a shift from learning philosophies to creating technologies. We try to create an artificial world which to us will bring the perfect solution to all life challenges. We stopped believing in virtue, respect and honor as we learnt when we were young to learning life is about making big money and spending it on drinks, parties and women. Each release of music and movies teach us better in these areas than towards positive learning. So we all want to make money but not ready to work for it intellectually. I watch as I plan to make a difference and ends up being heavily criticized. They say the bad prevails because good people keep quiet, I agree. Silence they say, is acceptance. We have accepted Nigeria to turn to this ourselves.

crying girl

What makes tomorrow then, the corruption of the rich or the violence of the poor masses. Each time we keep quiet we destroy ourselves and the future of our children. The boy indulging in exam malpractice besides you if not corrected today will rig elections tomorrow. You want a better Nigeria where you can excel and thrive in its glory when you keep quiet everyday to the evil around you. You are not a Nigerian sir, you are Nigeria. I really do not know if I feel this pain alone as a large population of the “Leaders of tomorrow” go into damaging activities and very empty acts because they went through our schools without acquiring true knowledge and our society tells them every day that it does not matter if you can cheat well, then they claim there are no jobs when they cannot even boast of the knowledge. So they pass the backdoor in to the system and already with the corrupt structure get to the top with you counting their money. Nigeria is you; keeping quiet in the classrooms to allow this evil prevail, it is you teaching your students to pass WAEC, it is you taking bribe to employ a staff, you not paying the wages of your staffs, you telling your students all of them cannot make it together in life!!!!!  Every today is creating the realities of tomorrow but sometimes we all are too short-sighted to see!!!


Have you visited the hospitals recently? Have you gone to the ghettos of Lagos? Or to the local brothels seeing young ladies wasting a glorious existence and leaving it at the bed every night. You will then understand that your country needs you, to rise up and speak sense in our house of Assemblies, Senate houses and all available power holding platforms. I came to realize we have to do clean business so as to encourage the young ones of the reward in perseverance and hard-work. In any business you do, find the point of community development, find the point where it encourages the poor that some of us have their backs.

To end it all today, reach out to become the person you want your children to talk about, a topic to your generation, maybe not all can see the big picture, I see mine every day. I know I fail in a lot of things, but I gather enough strength each time I fall to run my race so that one day I will gather enough strength to pass on to others falling.